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Stop the felling of the Holm oak tree on Ashley Down Road

We ask that the council halt the felling of this tree and look into alternatives to repair the 'property damage' they are concerned about. We also ask that they make a commitment to preserving this, and other mature trees in Bristol that provide protection against pollution levels.

A notice for felling has been attached to this 100-year-old Holm oak tree on Ashley Down road. It would appear that the reason for this is 'property damage', although there are no specifics. In its situation, the tree provides a noise and pollution barrier to the residents living behind it, as well as being an attractive and valuable part of Ashley Down road. But more than this, mature trees are our first line of defense against air pollution. We need trees more than ever, especially in urban areas, as their carbon-cutting value cannot be underestimated. A large, established tree is more valuable than planting smaller trees that would take longer to have the same positive impact. Such a large tree will also be home to birds and wildlife, who would be displaced by its removal. Bristol has a target to become carbon neutral by 2030, and has declared a commitment to tackling the climate emergency. The felling of established trees is not in line with this, especially where alternative solutions to property damage can be taken.

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Started by: Emma Edwards

This Paper petition was received on 16/03/2021.

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Council response

This petition was presented to Full Council on 16th March 2021 as part of Public Forum.

A webcast of the meeting can be viewed here: