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We the undersigned Would like to permanently close one end of the two roads St Andrews Road/Bath Buildings in Montpelier. Therefore turning the roads into a so called Home Zone to make the area safer, quieter, and clean.

Re: St Andrews Road, Bath Buildings in Montpelier, Bristol.
Create a home-zone?
The Problem
Living or working here you will know that St Andrews Road and the road named Bath Buildings in Montpelier are “rat runs” in the truest sense of the word. Many cars and vans use them to avoid the traffic lights on Cheltenham Road.
These inner-city streets are very narrow in parts and cars meet each other in the middle. As a result, we often see “stand-offs” where one car refuses to back away and sometimes there is violence. I saw a female driver threatened with an iron bar a couple of years ago, and we often see or hear (at night as well) shouting and swearing from angry drivers. The recycling people also get abused.
Secondly and more dangerously, St Andrews Road and Bath Buildings are plagued with speeding cars. By night and day we regularly see cars travelling along St Andrews Road at what I would estimate to be 40-50 mph. This is despite the parking system introduced about ten years ago which has resulted in parked cars sticking out into the traffic flow on St Andrews Road. The speeding drivers simply slalom their way around these cars in a very dangerous manner. Several owners of cars on St Andrews Road have had their vehicles damaged in this way. Cars also drive dangerously on the pavements to avoid cars coming the other way.
We have a new school for young children in this neighbourhood the Dolphin school on Bath Buildings. I have been told of near misses involving children as many of the cars using Bath Buildings as a short cut will simply not slow down, even for a school, as they race to catch the lights at the end of the road.
One last problem is that of the “Stuck Juggernaut” Sat Navs send these gigantic lorries along Bath Buildings and St Andrews Road which then cannot squeeze through often causing road rage among the car drivers trapped behind them.
Of course the quality of the air is also notoriously poor around here because of exhaust fumes.
All the above factors make life unpleasant and dangerous for the residents of St Andrews Road and Bath Buildings and especially the pupils of Orchard School.
A Solution?
The answer to these problems could be to permanently close one end of the Roads St Andrews Road/Bath Buildings and turn the road into a so called Home Zone to make the area safer, quieter, and clean.
Of course, Residents, Cyclists, Orchard school parents, Voi scooters, Delivery drivers and Kwik-Fit business customers would still have access. There is also room to turn around at the junction of Bath Buildings and St Andrews Road.
The nature of Montpelier has changed a lot over the last decade or so and we have far more families with young children living here. Heaven forbid, a small child running into St Andrews Road and being hit by a speeding car.
About 20 years ago several of the streets in nearby Kingsdown and St Andrews were closed at one end. Such as Nine Tree Hill and Sydenham Road in Kingsdown and Balmoral Road in St Andrews, but for some reason we were overlooked here.
These streets are so peaceful and much safer now. It would be wonderful to have the same thing happen here.

Started by: Sean OBrien

This ePetition runs from 06/06/2021 to 26/11/2021.

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