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Coldharbour Road Congestion

We the undersigned 1) Install double yellow lines on the south side of road between Cairns Road and Linden Road 2) Revisit parking to enable residents to park safely and sensibly 3) Work with Avon & Somerset Police to monitor the speed of traffic and implement the relevant deterrents to adhere to the 20mph speed limit

Following the installation of a zebra crossing on Coldharbour Road (as part of the Southmead Quietway project), the number of residents’ parking spaces has been reduced by circa 20 spaces. Based on the last Census, parking for 32 households has been reduced by 60% which is causing residents to double park on this very busy and main thoroughfare. We are also seeing non residents park here and either commuting to work or visiting the shops / chemist on Kellaway Avenue.

Double parking not only obstructs cyclists, commuters, buses and emergency services vehicles, it has significantly increased pollution and congestion. There have been numerous cases of road rage and minor accidents as a result of the congestion being caused by double parking, which also makes the whole route very dangerous for cyclists. The volume, speed of traffic and residents’ parking is clearly an issue on this stretch of road but more importantly is the safety of residents and commuters

Started by: Scott Forrest

This ePetition runs from 25/11/2021 to 29/06/2022.

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