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Repair St Marks Road's Potholes!

We the undersigned call on the council to invest in the infrastructure on St Marks Road; there has been no money spent on fixing the potholes or the street furniture for over 30 years, and the cycle lane is not marked clearly and has become unsafe. We demand action now!

St Marks Road in Easton was voted the "Best Street in the Country" by the AoU. It is the home to the annual Grand Iftar and the recent Grand Platinum Jubilee event, which brings in thousands of people to a street known for its excellent community spirit.

St Marks Road represents the best of the diversity and culture of the whole country.

Abdul & Lesley on behalf of the St Marks Road Community Group.

Started by: AbdulRaoof Malik (St Marks Road Community Group)

This ePetition ran from 06/06/2022 to 07/12/2022 and has now finished.

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