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Underground rail/metro system for Bristol

We the undersigned call to make our city much easier to move around! Bristol's transport system is an absolute shambles. Although the MetroWest and MetroBus schemes will make a positive difference to the Bristol City region, the roadworks needed for MetroBus and the gridlock it has caused just goes to show how much this city's transport relies on roads. What is really needed to get this lovely city moving again is a proper metro system. People don't take the train much as temple meads is too far from the centre. Build underground lines into the centre and out to suburbs of Bristol that aren't served well by rail (e.g. most of South Bristol, Kingswood and the surrounding areas). This will possibly cost hundreds of millions or even billions of pounds but congestion in Bristol costs the city £350 million per year. For this amount, a few km of underground railway could be constructed to start things off, with the option to expand the network dependent on success. Saying the city is not big enough

Using Rennes as an example (a city in France half the size of Bristol), the population of the city is around 220,000 - daily ridership of the Rennes Metro according to Wikipedia is around 130,000 per day - over half the city's population use it. Electric underground railways would not be disturb the environment like any overground guided busways (e.g. MetroBus) will, and also will not cause pollution by running on electricity. Numerous sources show that people will only ditch their cars for a proper alternative, which I think this could be.

Started by: Jack Gill

On reaching 3500 signatures a Full Council debate will be held.

This ePetition runs from 29/02/2016 to 31/12/2026.

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