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Make Bristol a place where anyone feels safe to cycle

We the undersigned demand that Bristol City Council completes and publishes an updated Bristol Cycling Delivery Plan.

This Delivery Plan should include the creation of a comprehensive network of protected cycle lanes connecting all parts of the city (above and beyond those radial routes described in the WECA LCWIP).

It should state that existing cycle lanes must not be removed (as has recently occurred on Cheltenham Road and is threatened on Whiteladies Road), but that they are upgraded to current national standards and are made continuous, so that they are inclusive, accessible and safe for use by young people and adults.

The Delivery Plan should include a strategic city-wide approach to secure cycle parking both in residential areas (cycle hangars) and at transportation hubs and destinations to contain the rampant bike theft that is occurring.
Additionally, it should include schemes to increase cycling participation like cycle training, safe cycle routes to schools, a cycle loan program.

Currently there is no plan for cycling despite the 2019 Bristol Transport Strategy committing to the production of an updated Cycling Strategy.

Started by: Ian Pond (Bristol Cycling Campaign)

This ePetition ran from 26/09/2022 to 07/11/2022 and has now finished.

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