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Save Cafe5 in Greenbank

We the undersigned ask the City Council to allow Cafe5 in Greenbank to maintain an outdoor space for the community to continue to use this space for food and socialising.

Cafe5 is a small community cafe located in a renovated container in Greenbank. The container has no indoor seatings hence the cafe was originally meant for take away service only. Since May 2020, thanks to the newly introduced pavement licences, the Cafe could make use of two outside tables on Bruce Road. As there is plenty of parking space in this road, the loss of two parking slots was never controversial in the neighbourhood.

On the contrary, over time this outdoor space has become a lively and welcoming community space that has benefitted local residents as well as visitors to Easton: elderly neighbours have been meeting there after the closure of the local church group coffee mornings, kids and parents stop by for a cake and a chat on their way back from Whitehall School, and over the summer the place has provided a stage for local poets and musicians. The Cafe is a safe space where all ages and cultures meet.

If the outdoor space is shut down, it will not survive and the community reliant on it would be let down. The Cafe should be showcased as an example of how a simple change and provision led by the community can generate many outcomes for a variety of people, and not be lost.

Started by: Barry Parsons

This ePetition ran from 01/02/2023 to 31/03/2023 and has now finished.

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