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Parking charges around churches

We the undersigned request that the pay and display and residents’ parking permit arrangements remain unchanged in the immediate vicinity of the Bristol's churches. Specifically, we request that there are no extensions to evening and Saturday parking restrictions, and no restrictions introduced on Sundays.

Many of Bristol's churches seek to support and ‘bless’ the city in a wide range of ways, including by encouraging and enabling the building of community through discussion and local activities, community-focused projects and services, educational opportunities, support for disadvantaged and less-privileged people, and help for those affected by life-controlling issues. In addition, some of these churches are coming together to look at opportunities for partnering with the Council to support the delivery of city services which are threatened through the ongoing funding reductions.

Church buildings are the hub for many of these activities and we want them to be as accessible as possible. We don’t want barriers put in place which will restrict access for those people we aim to reach and who would benefit from all we have to offer.

Several churches in the area draw attenders from across the city, with people of different generations and backgrounds regularly mixing together. Many of these attenders also voluntarily offer their time, energy and expertise to deliver the community activities and services, and we want to facilitate their generosity by not placing on them an additional financial burden from parking charges.

We realise that one reason for the proposed changes is to increase council revenues. The churches are keen to support the council, but in a way which does not conflict with the churches' interests and activities as we all work together to see our city flourish.

Started by: Angela Moseley (Local churches of Bristol)

This ePetition ran from 15/05/2018 to 01/08/2018 and has now finished.

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