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Extended toilet opening times in Redcatch Park

We the undersigned Current toilet opening hours at Redcatch Park are 7.30am to 4pm. Although, this probably works during winter period, in summer toilets are being closed too early. Day is much longer in summer and there is much more park users especially in the late afternoon. The closests toilet are in Broadwalk, which is not helpful if you have 3 or 4 year old with you at the park. There are of course other park users who need to plan ahead in case they need to use the toilet. This very often steps them from going to the park, socialise and may affect their mental health.

Please extend toilet opening hours during summer period to 6pm to much other park in Bristol for example St. George Park or Eastville Park

Started by: Agata Wanat-Duli

This ePetition runs from 04/05/2024 to 30/06/2024.

5 people have signed this ePetition.