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Public toilets for St Georges Park

We the undersigned We the undersigned ask Bristol City Council to provide public toilets in St Georges Park and commit on going funds to support the maintenance and cleaning of a new facility, in recognition that toilets in parks are an essential service provision for the city.

This petition has been compiled by local residents who came together to campaign for public toilet provision in St Georges Park under the banner 'Bring back the bogs'.
St Georges Park is one of the most popular parks in east Bristol, a busy destination and essential green space. The closure of 18 public on street toilets in January 2018 included the Church Road toilets at the corner of the park, and has disproportionately impacted east Bristol. The closest public toilet to the park is currently a 30 minute walk away.
• The closure of the toilets on Church Road, which served users of the park, has made the park less attractive inaccessible to vulnerable groups such as those with health issues, the elderly, children, and disproportionately effects women.
• The local community have reported a vast increase in public urination and defecation in the park since public toilets closed in January 2018.
• The closure of toilets in St George with no alternative provision has created inequality in the distribution of public conveniences across the city. There are no public toilets in Easton, the three St. Georges wards, Eastville, Lawrence Hill or Brislington, whilst toilets in more affluent other parts of the city (including Victoria Park, the Downs and St Andrews) remain open. This exacerbates existing inequalities in the city.
• We support efforts of local councillors to identify funding for the building of new toilet facilities in St Georges Park, but seek ongoing budget commitment from Bristol City Council to support their cleaning and maintenance. This is not a service that the local community can be expected to provide, and must come from Bristol City Council.

Started by: Celia Davis (Bring Back the Bogs)

This ePetition ran from 15/07/2018 to 31/12/2018 and has now finished.

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