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No Parking Charges at Blaise

We the undersigned oppose the introduction of parking charges at Blaise Castle. We believe that it will raise little money for the Council and instead push visitors to park in nearby residential roads. These already busy streets would only become more congested, especially at peak times, and were never designed to be a car park. We oppose charging at Blaise and believe that the Mayor should think again.

The Council is currently consulting on a traffic regulation order around the Blaise Estate and the introduction of car parking charges.

More information can be found at https://bristol.citizenspace.com/++preview++/communities/new-tro-blaise-castle-oldbury-court/user_uploads/blaise-traffic-consultation.pdf.

As part of this consultation we are opposing the introduction of charges.

Started by: Mark Weston

This ePetition runs from 17/07/2018 to 09/09/2018.

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