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Bamfield rd safety

We the undersigned Would like the council to urgently look at the school crossing on Bamfield Rd. since removing the school crossing Lollypop person you are endangering children and parents crossing to get to Perrycourt School and now that traffic will get worse with the building of new houses on Hengrove Airport we urge the council to review this ASAP.

After contacting the council with my concerns due to fast cars and the amount of traffic I got this response.

Dear Lee

Thank you for your email regarding the recently discontinued School Crossing Patrol Service on Bamfield. As you may know, the School Crossing Patrol (SCP) service has recently gone through a review following a reduction in funding for the service. The council has a difficult balance to strike but we are aiming to be fair in ensuring we balance our books whilst protecting vital services. We therefore carried out an extensive assessment of all SCP sites as well as holding a full public consultation. Following that process the decision was made to stop the service on all sites where there is lowest need or an existing engineered crossing, such as a zebra crossing or a puffin crossing.

The result of this review was that the site at Bamfield did not meet the requirements for a School Crossing Patrol site. For your information the site at Oatlands Avenue does not have any engineered crossing such as a Zebra or Puffin crossing however, it did meet the requirements for an SCP site therefore the service here has been retained. The two sites at Perry Court were assessed using Road Safety GB’s SCP Guidelines that are used by SCP services nationally. The assessment Guidelines use a calculation called PV 2 which is based on the number of pedestrians and the number of vehicles at a site.

On those sites that do not have an engineered crossing we are assessing the sites to see if there is anything we can do to mitigate the loss of the patrol with what funding we have available. With the site on Bamfield we are examining the possibility of introducing a speed table which we believe might assist those people that do cross there and would also have some effect on the speed of vehicles on this part of the road. I would hope that any mitigation measures would be introduced before the end of April 2019.

We are keen to promote road safety at Bristol’s schools and we would encourage the school to make use of the Road Safety Education resources that are currently available to all Bristol’s Primary Schools from the Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity team. The Road Safety ETP team can be contacted at road.safety@bristol.gov.uk.

This is not acceptable as between the new school year and April 2019 we could possibly see an accident happen. Does our children’s safety really mean so little that the council cannot fast track a solution.

Started by: Lee Starr-elliott

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