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Lack of outdoor basketball courts in Bristol

We the undersigned Are petitioning for the construction of a new, high quality outdoor basketball court for the members of the youth and general public. The court should: 1. Be professionally and properly surfaced with something such as asphalt in order to keep the playing surface even and relatively soft as well as allowing for better traction, therefore minimising risk of injury and simulating the feel of an actual basketball court. 2. Contain lighting for winter and evening activities. 3. Contain at least two properly installed 10ft hoops with chain nets (to minimise risk of vandalism) and strong glass or steel backboard. 4. Have measured permanent court markings. Other recommendations to make the court a more pleasurable experience and attractive addition to the city's already fine architecture: 1. Multiple courts on one surface to invite large participation activities. 2. An attractive/colourful artistic design to appeal to multiple age demographics. 3. A bench or rest area for peo

Upon hearing news of the UK's first 'art basketball court' being built in Brighton earlier this year, it has become evident that there is a growing interest in basketball culture in the UK. With that being said, Bristol, home of the Bristol Flyers (and Bristol Flyers' academy), has an overwhelming lack of outdoor facilities for a city renowned in the British basketball community for its development of youth talent and its increasingly popular professional team.

Therefore, I have started this petition in order to increase the opportunity for development and general publicity surrounding the sport and its culture. Because I believe that having improved outdoor facilities will not only provide children, and all other fans of the sport, with the tools to better themselves, but will inspire organisations from other cities and counties in the UK to do the same, therefore helping to keep the future generations off the street and inspired as they move towards their goals as professional athletes.

I also believe that the construction of a new court would also provide positive publicity for the Bristol City council by presenting them as innovators to a rapidly expanding demographic of British basketball players.

Started by: ScottJohn Cochran

This ePetition ran from 10/11/2018 to 10/01/2019 and has now finished.

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