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We want better opportunities for South Bristol (Jobs and facilities not just houses)

We the undersigned We the undersigned want the Council to provide more than just housing in South Bristol. Planned housing is set to increase the population of South Bristol by 33%. How are our schools and services going to cope and where are people going to work? The Bristol Plan talks about the need for more job opportunities, facilities and transport in South Bristol. Much has been said about improving opportunities for people in South Bristol but what is actually being done? Poverty is still a major issue and all the evidence points to those trends continuing whilst people's job opportunities are so limited. Where is the purpose and a hope for people in South Bristol?

This campaign is for more and better employment opportunities, more facilities and greater transport infrastructure. Despite the Local Plan stating 60,000 sqm of offices in the area, the largest development site, Hengrove Park has only 4,500 sqm allocated. 15,285 sqm at Parkview offices, Hengrove have been lost to residential. The transport impact of the overall housing numbers within Bristol, BANES Whitchurch expansion and new housing in North Somerset has not been fully considered or been taken seriously.
Recent reports by WECA and BCC highlight the importance of creating jobs. WECA report November 2015, Economic Development Needs Assessment states “South Bristol and Fringe is a relatively deprived area within the WoE context and has a relative dearth of employment space, despite being well located near the Bristol urban area and close to Bristol Airport. This situation represents a degree of market failure. To address this issue there is potential to stimulate demand through investment in key infrastructure and planning policy for additional employment land provision.”
It also states “the main rationale for focusing growth in South Bristol is to create new jobs and create wealth to help address issues of deprivation (relative poverty and worklessness) that exist there”. The reality is that the emphasis is on housing and not employment and further improved transport. The Bristol Core Strategy, adopted June 2011, states that South Bristol will be developed as a counterpoint to the rapidly developing north. Development will focus on Hengrove Park and Knowle West. Page 35 “The revitalisation of South Bristol will help address imbalances in employment opportunities and travel to work patterns across the city which have arisen following extensive development on the north fringe of the Bristol urban area. The new sources of employment that are planned for South Bristol will increase the number of job opportunities, especially high value added jobs, available to residents in the south of the city”. It states need for new town centre which would naturally increase purpose and hope for the people of South Bristol.”
The Bristol Corporate Strategy 2018-2023
See page 7. The highest levels of deprivation are all in South Bristol except Lawrence Hill. (all the words in this document support the aims of the petition)

Bristol Local Plan Core Strategy South Bristol page 35-36 identifies need in South Bristol for jobs and facilities along with housing.

West of England Economic Needs Assessment 2015 confirms need for jobs and facilities in South Bristol

South Bristol Sustainable Urban Regeneration Strategy May 2018 confirms need for more local jobs in South Bristol

West Of England Economic study page 16
Assumes 10,400 jobs in South Bristol will come from manufacturing and construction elsewhere in the City. So very limited horizon and presumably assuming low skills for South Bristol. It does not mention offices.

West of England latest consultation on South Bristol/ Whitchurch transport and revised jobs.
Job opportunities have been reduced from 60,000 sqm to 11,000 sqm for South Bristol. But 15,000 sq m have been lost at Parkview, Whitchurch Lane, so a net shortfall of 4,000 sqm instead of a net increase of 60K sqm is planned and yet a 33% increase in residents. Less local jobs means more travelling by car.

Started by: Zoe Probert (South Bristol Stakeholders Group)

This ePetition ran from 03/01/2019 to 31/03/2019 and has now finished.

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