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Change Downs Cote Avenue road layout to No Through Road

We the undersigned would like the council to change the current road layout for Downs Cote Avenue at the southern end to a 'No Through Road'.

With ever increasing levels of traffic using Falcondale Road and Stoke Lane, drivers regularly use Downs Cote Drive, then Downs Cote Avenue as a short cut to beat the traffic lights on the Falcondale / Stoke Lane Junction. There are also many school children walk to/from school and play in the area who are at risk due to this race to beat the lights. A no through road would create a safer area for pedestrians using Downs Cote Avenue and Downs Cote Drive. Further proposed road layouts to Falcondale Road limiting right turns would increase the popularity of this short cut and further increase the risk of an accidient.

Started by: daniel roberts

This ePetition ran from 22/03/2019 to 29/05/2019 and has now finished.

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