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Skate park closer to the centre in North Bristol

We the undersigned We need a new skate park area closer to the centre in North Bristol. The M32 project was really good but it's still quite a distance for a lot of young people to travel, same for Horfield etc. Hopefully with a new skate park space closer to the centre it will give young people (and adults) a new place to skate, make friends and just have a good time overall.

Skate parks are a great way for kids in the local community to learn new skills as well as make new friends. I personally feel there aren't enough of these spaces in Bristol to help young people stay off the street and out of trouble.
Someone else tried to petition a similar idea but on change.org whereas I feel here is a more suited place for a petition of this sort. Thanks for your time!

Other petition: https://www.change.org/p/thangham-debbonaire-build-a-new-skate-park-in-bristol-city-centre

Started by: Kahlil Wolf

This ePetition ran from 30/04/2019 to 11/06/2019 and has now finished.

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