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Neighbourhood Partnership AGM Report 2016

Meeting: 28/06/2016 - Henbury, Brentry and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 6)

6 Neighbourhood Partnership AGM Report 2016 (Keith Houghton) pdf icon PDF 126 KB

2015/16 AGM Business Report and Financial Statement; AGM Elections – Chair & Vice-Chair; NP Terms of Reference & Neighbourhood Committee Terms of Reference (draft)

Additional documents:


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the annual report from Keith Houghton, Neighbourhood Partnership Co-coordinator.


The following was noted as part of the discussion: - 


a.      Confirmed that the Henbury, Brentry and Community Council would normally elect 8 representatives in order to hold 2 in reserve/substitutes in the event of any absence.  Nominations to be sent and considered at the next Henbury, Brentry and Community Council meeting.

Action: Interested Residents


b.      In response to changes in ward boundaries, it was confirmed that further development work was in progress to ensure that all residents were enabled and encouraged to get involved.

c.       Resident members requested clarification and a legal definition of ‘Devolved Powers’, with particular regard to ‘decisions relating to council-owned community centres and buildings’.

Action: Keith Houghton


d.      KH confirmed that it had not been possible to obtain the breakdown of expenditure from the Highways Department.


e.      No amendments had been made to the Terms of Reference from the previous year except the Partnership’s name change; and was subject to the Mayor’s delegation of decisions to be agreed at the September meeting of Full Council.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED: –


(i)             That Cllr Massey be elected as Chair and that the chairing arrangements for 2016/17 would continue as in previous years - Neighbourhood Committees and Partnership meetings would be held alternatively in each of the Wards and would be chaired by one of the elected Councillor representatives from the Ward. 


(ii)           That the Neighbourhood Committee and Neighbourhood Partnership Terms of Reference, and the Neighbourhood Committee Financial Operating Framework be noted.


(iii)         That the devolved budgets and influence on services be noted.


(iv)         That the meeting schedule including subgroups and forums be agreed.


(v)           That the financial statement and expenditure for 2015-16 be noted.

Meeting: 20/06/2016 - Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 7)

7 Neighbourhood Partnership AGM Report 2016 (Emily Smith) pdf icon PDF 123 KB

a)      2015/15 Financial Statement

b)      2016/17 meeting dates

c)      Amendment to Neighbourhood Partnership Terms of Reference

d)      Membership

Additional documents:


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the annual general meeting report presented by Emily Smith.


In discussion the following was noted:


     a.            It was suggested that more young people should be encouraged to get involved with the Partnership.  Partnership members were asked to volunteer to be mentors to any young people who came forward to support this.  Volunteers to contact Emily Smith.

Action: All/Emily Smith

            Neighbourhood budget.

     b.            It was confirmed that all underspends would be brought forward.

      c.            A resident suggested that the Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership be merged with the HWV to create efficiencies. Others thought that the organisations had separate roles and could both help to encourage more people to be active in their communities. The neighbourhood partnership coordinator said that these were independent organisations with their own Board members who are responsible for their running.


Neighbourhood Partnership Plan (Draft)

     a.            The draft plan was circulated. The Chair agreed that Agenda Item 13 could be discussed at this point.

     b.            It was confirmed that the Neighbourhood Partnership would be working to progress the plan over the next 12 months.

      c.            Councillors confirmed that the Neighbourhood Partnership Plan was an important document to get right and needed to accurately reflect the Partnerships priorities as it was used by Council departments to allocate resources.  It should also clearly reflect the joined up approach taken with Partners including other public bodies such as the police to progress work to deliver joint objectives.

     d.            In response to a question on how priorities were set and delivered.  Councillors confirmed that it was a joint effort of all members of the neighbourhood partnership, including the sub groups and external partners and volunteers.

     e.            A resident raised a concern that documents were always out of date due to the quarterly cycle of meetings.  The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator confirmed that it was the responsibility of every member to keep up to date.

       f.            It was noted that Cllr. Margaret Hickman was the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods.

     g.            It was noted that Hartcliffe and Withywood hoped to have forums in both parts of the ward.  Confirmed that future agenda setting sessions would include the Chairs of the Partnership subgroups.


Action: Emily Smith



The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED:

(i)           To confirm the Neighbourhood Partnership membership and to defer the chairing arrangements decision until September.

(ii)        To confirm the Neighbourhood Committee and Neighbourhood Partnership terms of reference and the Neighbourhood Committee financial operating framework.

(iii)      The amended member nomination form and dates for potential elections in the autumn.

(iv)      To note the devolved Neighbourhood Budget for 2016-17

(v)         To note the financial statement and expenditure from 2015-16

(vi)      The 2016/17 meeting schedule including subgroups and forums

(vii)    To note the Neighbourhood Plan report and the 2016/17 Neighbourhood Partnership Plan draft revisions.