Agenda and minutes

Area Committee 5 - Thursday, 18th October, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Wick Road Library, Wick Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 4HE

No. Item


Apologies for absence pdf icon PDF 97 KB


Apologies received from Councillors Charlie Bolton, Stephen Clarke and Mike Langley.



Declarations of Interest


Councillor Celia Phipps declared an interest in agenda item 4 as a trustee of BS3 Community and would not take part in the voting for this item.



Public Forum statements

Members of the public may make a written statement ask a question or present a petition to most meetings.  Your statement or question will be sent to the Committee and be available in the meeting room one hour before the meeting.  Please submit it to or Democratic Services Section, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5UY.  The following requirements apply:


·       The statement is received no later than 12.00 noon on the working day before the meetingand is about a matter which is the responsibility of the committee concerned.

·       The question is received no later than three clear working days before the meeting. 



None received.



Reports on Proposed Decisions for Councillors pdf icon PDF 184 KB


2018 Stage 2 Full Project Proposals: for decision


1. Proposal: Chessel Pencil Bollards (Bedminster Ward Priority)

On being put to the vote it was unanimously (Councillor Phipps did not take part in the vote) -


Resolved -


(i) That the Chessel Pencil Bollards project as submitted be approved for the following funding:

 £1,974 of CIL

(ii) That the Public Sector Equalities Duty assessment as submitted for this specific project be noted.

2. Proposal: AC5 Tree replacement planting (AC5 Priority)

The Area Committee considered the project proposal as submitted and whether to approve funding including any conditions which it might want to place on the project.


A project map of where trees were planted would be available for the next meeting.


On being put to the vote it was unanimously -


Resolved –


That the AC5 Tree replacement planting project be approved as submitted having regard to the proposal suggested above for the following funding:


£19,895.46 of Section 106:


Permission / Site / S106 Code

Current Contribution Value

Purpose of Contribution

Locations and trees

12/05443 / Birchwood House, Birchwood Road, Brislington


The provision and maintenance of Tree Planting within a one mile radius of Birchwood House

1 First Avenue – 100007.5 – Tilia cordata

2 Birchwood Road – 100022.5 – Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

3 Birchwood Road – 100024.5 - Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

4 Birchwood Road – 100027.5 - Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

5 Birchwood Road – 100028.5 - Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

6 Watson Avenue – 100007.5 – Nothofagus dombeyi

7 Nags Head Hill – 100002.5 – Sorbus aucuparia ‘Streetwise’

8 Salisbury Road – 100002 – Betula pendula ‘Obelisk’

9 St Anne’s Park – 100060.5 – Liquidambr styraciflua

10 St Anne’s Park – 100119 – Liquidambr styraciflua

11 St Anne’s Park – 100095.5 – Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’

12 Newbridge Road Open Space – 100037.5 – Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

13 Sand Hill – 100003 – Pinus pinea

14 Arnos Court Park – 100012.5 – Cedrus atlantica

11/03164 / Hampstead Garage, Kings Road, Brislington / ZCD


The provision of a scheme of compensatory tree planting

1 Arnos Court Park – 100017.5 – Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia

2 Arnos Court Park – 100024.5 – Pinus ponderosa

3 Arnos Court Park – 100058.5 – Sequoia sempervirens

4 Cleeve Road – 100005.52 – Malus trilobata

5 Cleeve Road – 100007.52 – Betula pendula ‘Edinburgh’

6 Brislington Hill – 100009.5 – Liquidambr styraciflua Stel

7 Glenarm Road – 100008.5 – Carpinus betulusFrans Fontaine’

8 Hither Bath Bridge – 100007.5 – Betula papyrfera

9 Crossways Road – 100015.51 – Ginkgo biloba

15/06146 / 3 Cemetery Road, Totterdown


The provision and maintenance of replacement tree planting within the grounds of Hillcrest Primary School

3 trees to be planted with Hillcrest Primary School grounds