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Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Partnership

This page lists the meetings for Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Partnership.


Information about Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Partnership

Neighbourhood Partnerships have been set up to provide an opportunity for local communities to have a greater say in the way services and local issues are managed by Bristol City Council, and partner agencies.


Information about each Neighbourhood Partnership, their priorities and details about their meetings, can be found on the Neighbourhood Partnership website.


All Neighbourhood Partnerships are based on ward boundaries - each consisting of two or three wards.  In total there are 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships covering the whole of Bristol.


Local ward Councillors form the Neighbourhood Committee of each Neighbourhood Partnership. The Neighbourhood Committees make decisions about spending devolved council money and influencing council contracts and services, taking into account the views of the Neighbourhood Partnership.


This Neighbourhood Partnership was formerly known as ‘Avonmouth and Kingsweston Neighbourhood Partnership’.