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Overview and Scrutiny Management Board

This page lists the meetings for Overview and Scrutiny Management Board.


Information about Overview and Scrutiny Management Board

The Overview and Scrutiny Management Board is responsible for keeping an overview of Council business including scrutinising areas of particular interest or concern, holding the Executive to account for the decisions that are made, and assisting in the development and review of Council policy. This role is undertaken by Scrutiny Commissions that meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Scrutiny is also carried out through more informal mechanisms as well, and which include “task and finish” select committees and scrutiny inquiry days.


The Scrutiny Commissions have the right to scrutinise decisions as they are being formulated, after they have been taken and can ask for decisions to be reconsidered. This is known as “Call-In” and may require the Executive to consider further comments raised by a scrutiny committee or full Council before they are implemented.


Before each quarterly meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board there is a Mayoral Question Time when Councillors can ask questions of the Mayor related to items on the agenda.  This meeting is open to the public to observe and is webcast.