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Waste and recycling


The Neighbourhood Management Service Manager, the Waste Strategic Client Manager, and Environmental Area Manger delivered a presentation about delivered a presentation about the waste minimisation and recycling policy (details are in the published pack).


·         Officer asked scrutiny Members for feedback on policy and proposals, including how to approach individuals who consistently do not follow guidance as to how to recycle, and how to improve green waste, including proposals to remove cost of the bin, but increase annual charge. 


·         The Chair stated that there is a need to change public perception so recycling can be improved.  There is a need to explain cost savings if recycling is undertaken properly; and how enforcement can be used should be looked at.


·         There was a discussion about how new policies/proposals are implemented including guidance.  Members asked that instructions for households can be clearer, and that guidance should include a ‘Why wasn’t my recycling collected?’ section, including what has been done wrong, or explain what a genuine error is.


·         There was a discussion about use of language and jargon. 

o   Officer stated that key messages are internal and had yet to be reviewed and amended to ‘Plain English.’

o   It was RESOLVED that Member for Clifton Down will send Officer appropriate guidance for use of environmental appropriate language.

o   It was RESOLVED that acronyms and jargon will be reviewed and defined.


·         A Member stated there is need for more education.  The was a discussion about issues related to Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO), including over-occupation producing more waste, the transient nature of some HMO households, and a Member stated that high turn-over means guidance and education is sometimes rendered pointless.

·         There was a discussion about capacity of the bins and recycling containers.

o   Officer stated that it has been a positive step to introduce large capacity boxes fortnightly. The policy is one bin per household (fortnightly), which aids recycling rates.   The bins are 45 litres each and bringing in 90 litre sack will increase recycling.  There is a need to get quality guidance right, and engage people to recycle correctly.


·         Members stated that there will be a minority who will not engage, so there is a need to use enforcement.  It would be good to work with Neighbourhood Enforcement and Estates Management to ensure better engagement.


·         The Chair stated that most people agree with the ambitions of the report, but there are concerns it won’t work as many people feel council tax already covers waste and recycling, and changing minds to ensure everyone recycles correctly is difficult.  The key is to bring down volumes of residual waste and recycle more – it would be positive to lobby central government for powers to make this work, for example, charging for filling black bins rather than recycling, as happens in Ireland.

o   Officer stated that the measures will help decrease residual waste and increase recycling.  Raised example of Sheffield which has put these measures in place and have increased recycling and decreased residual.


·         The was a discussion about the new fleet, with Members asking for clarification of when roll out will occur. 

o   Tony Lawless, Bristol Waste, stated that the new fleet will help reduce items spill on to the road and 45 recycling vehicles are planned to roll out within 8 weeks.

·         Member asked about community engagement surrounding waste management, and when this will occur.

o   Officer responded that recruitment is ongoing and there are plans for ward focussed community engagement.



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