Agenda item

Sex Establishment Policy Consultation Outcome Report

The Committee is asked to note the results of the consultation.


The Licensing Officer introduced the report and summarised it for the Committee.


Discussion notes:

·       In para 3.2, there seems to be confusion about whether the question relates to the policy or scope of the policy. It was confirmed the question was about scope and the chart was incorrectly labelled.

·       There was a discussion about the number of responses that were from Bristol citizens and whether the results could have been skewed by people gaming the system. It was confirmed that responses were via an online portal that recorded IP addresses, so it would be obvious if one person was submitting many responses. There was a high number of responses in general which is a good thing. Most are from Bristol or the surrounding area.

·       It was confirmed that this decision is about the committee accepting the integrity of the consultation and it would not be making any critical analysis of the data at this point.  A final decision on the policy would be taken later and all the information would be considered at that point.

·       P.411 cites a number of policies to be mindful of during development. It was confirmed these were listed by a consultation respondent, not officers.

·       The consultation response is important, but should not be considered alone when it comes to policy development. It will need to be considered among other pieces of research.

·       As this matter has been debated for some time, the working group should meet quickly to develop the Sex Establishment policy and refer it back to the full licensing committee when ready.


RESOLVED – The Licensing Committee Notes and accepts the results of this consultation.


RESOLVED – The Licensing Committee delegates the development of a Sex Establishment Policy to the working group.


ACTION OH consult with officers and arrange date for a working group meeting. Circulate the details to all licensing members so that any member that wishes to join the working group can do so. 


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