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Community Resources Manager Update


The Community Resources Manager introduced the item and started by providing the Committee with some updates:

·       It was noted that since papers had been published, the February progress update has been published on the website which shows updated CIL figures.

·       An update on the Committee’s funds was provided and it as noted that the Committee could receive up to £350,000 by the end of the year.

·       It was noted that there would be a new cycle for Area Committees which means the informal meeting would take place in September 2023 with a formal decision making meeting in January 2024.

·       This delay was due to capacity in the team and uncertainty around the budget in the Parks department and capacity in Transport team in light of transfer of some functions to West of England Authority.


AC5PO30 – Improvements to Audio and Visual accessibility of St Paul’s Southville

It was noted that the application for this project was not ready in time for the last meeting, but this was now complete, and the proposal was for £20k to upgrade audio visual equipment in the church. It was noted that there were physical barriers to some people attending in person and the new technology would accommodate remote access for events and also, additional screens would ensure the equipment is more user friendly. It was noted that it should be made clear that the funding is being delivered for community benefit, not to support the religious activities at the church.


AC5PO33 - Mural on wall of Mail Marketing offices and accent to Malago Greenway

The proposal was to refresh the graffiti art nearby the cycle path as it was a dark area that needed brightening up. Members asked if the potential designs could be shared with the Committee. One person had already come forward for to undertake the project, but it was noted that an accountable body would need to accept the funding and they would need to complete a form to apply.

ACTION: KH to provide a copy of the form to relevant Members.


AC5PO19 -Wedmore Vale Green area improvements

It was noted that this project had initially been put forward to protect the green space in the area as cars regularly parked on the grass. Bristol City Council’s Housing department could deliver the improvements, but they do not have the staffing capacity at present. They hope to have capacity later in the year but raised concerns around the lack of consultation with residents and asked if local Councillors could share consultation information with the team.


Action: Committee requested that this consultation be undertaken by local councillors and that the results should be shared with Housing, with Housing submitting a Full Proposals if the result are in favour of restricting parking on the green to the October 2023 Area Committee 5 meeting


AC5PO19 - Improvements to Arnos Court Park footpath

It was noted that this was a previously approved project for the installation of a tarmac footpath that now requires additional funds in order to complete the path and to carry out remedial work. Members raised concerns around the additional costs to the project and the impact of the delays on local residents. It was noted that this was due to delays which were caused by limited capacity in the Parks department and bad weather conditions. Also, the rise in costs was due to inflation.


Committee approved funding to remove what is there, to omit remedial works where possible and deliver the tarmac option


Committee approved the following allocations of CIL:


Proposal ref no.

Name of Project Proposal?

Delivery group 


Eligible group?  

Eligible for CIL? 

Eligible for S106? 

Outline £ offered

Full Proposal £ requested 

CIL approved

S106 approved and the codes



Improvements to Audio and Visual accessibility of St Paul’s Southville 

Community Organisation (St Paul’s Church Southville









Mural on wall of Mail Marketing offices and accent to Malago Greenway 

Not yet identified 







An Eligible Body will need to be identified and approved before any funding can be released 


Wedmore Vale Green area improvements 

BCC Transport/BCC Parks/Housing 



See update at Item above 


2021 project: additional funding 

Improvements to Arnos Court Park footpath 

BCC Parks 






Meeting agreed to move directly to tarmac, no to fund the remedial


2022 Parks projects funding shortfalls request

Parks brought forward, as requested, a request for additional CIL and relevant S106 funding to redress the anticipated funding deficits of previously approved Parks projects in order to make them deliverable.


Committee considered and approved CIL allocation of £58,088.95 and S106 allocation from Megabowl site, Brunel Way of £6,269.44 as follows:



Proposal ref no.

Project Proposal Title

Project Delivery organisation?

(AC must state what organisation they are asking to l deliver the project or if there are a range of potential delivery organisations)

Amount CIL allocated

Amount S106 allocated and the codes

Additional CIL approved

Additional S106

Additional cost comments



Path for Ashton Vale Playing Fields? 

BCC Parks? 





Additional costs due to continued predicted rising inflation costs over the next 2 years? 



Bark Park accessibility improvements? 

BCC Parks? 





Additional costs due to continued predicted rising inflation costs over the next 2 years? 

Brislington West? 


Ecology and Access Enhancements to Arnos Court Park? 

BCC Parks? 





Additional costs due to continued predicted rising inflation costs over the next 2 years?? 

Multiple wards (Southville / Bedminster)? 


Upgrades to Greville Smyth Park and Ashton Meadows? 

BCC Parks? 



(11/03097) Luckwell Club for improvements to recreational space and facilities at Greville Smyth Park? 



Parks were only part supportive of this project (see details in Stage 2 Proposal). The cost of £22,713 is for an embankment slide including delivery costs



Dame Emily Park improvements and upgrades? 

BCC Parks? 



(1/01851)? 171 to 178 Coronation Road, Southville;? 



£6,269.44 06/01644 / Former Megabowl Site, Brunel Way, Ashton

Parks were only supportive of eligible / non-maintenance aspects of this project. Costed up, new fencing, fencing restoration and replacement swings cost estimate of £79,730 (including inflation costs)? 

Windmill Hill? 


An all-abilities playpark and skate park for Victoria Park in phases? 

BCC Parks? 





Additional costs due to continued predicted rising inflation costs over the next 2 years? 

Additional Parks Awards Totals:








There was a discussion around the impact of inflation as many approved Area Committee projects have resulted in price increases due to council delays and increased materials and supplier costs. Members suggested that in future the Committee explores the possibility of contracting a third party to complete projects on the condition that the work is completed sooner, however it was noted that this may cost more. The Chair suggested that this be discussed at the next Area Committee Chairs’ meeting and advised he would report back to the Committee by email. ACTION: EP.


Councillor Tessa Fitzjohn asked why the Foxcote Road notice boards project hadn’t been included in the Committees’ list of projects to be approved and it was noted that they hadn’t submitted a stage 2 application as they  withdrew their proposal. It was suggested that Foxcote Road are invited to submit a stage 2 application to be discussed at the next Committee meeting.


Action: invite Foxcote Road group to submit a Full Proposal to the October 2023 Area Committee 5 meeting



There was a discussion around the Victoria Park funding which was approved at the last Committee meeting as there had been a change in the scope of the project. They would like the funding to be used as part of a wider project rather than the water maze feature requested as the pipe work is broken and is too expensive to repair. This  was AGREED.



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