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Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 26th January 2023 and Matters Arising

To confirm as a correct record.


RESOLVED – that the minutes of the above meeting be approved as a correct record subject to the reference to Liz Cheetham (Minute Number 23 – Home Choice Allocations Review) being corrected to Liz Dewing and subject to the reference to Eastville Park in Minute Number 25 (Any Other Business) being corrected to Eastfield Park.




Item Number 19 Matters Arising 30th May 2022 Meeting - Page 8 of Minutes


Problems with Riding Scooters at Northfield House – Sarah Spicer advised that she had exchanged e-mails with Phillip Morris on this issue and was pursuing it.


Homes and Community Board Meetings – Peter Daw advised that he had still not received any communication about his attendance at these meetings ACTION: Councillor Tom Renhard to pursue


Social Disorder at Northfield House – Sarah Spicer advised that she was pursuing this matter with Phillip Morris.


Halston Drive – Sarah Spicer advised that Alison Scott would pick this issue up as part of her presentation


Social Value Assessment TOMS mechanism – Sarah Spicer stated that, since Councillor Renhard was not present, she would pursue this matter with him after the meeting and report back to HMB members as required ACTION: Sarah Spicer/Councillor Tom Renhard


Item Number 20 Fire Safety Update – Page 9


Impact of Smoke Spreading Through Vents - Nigel Varley confirmed that this issue had been investigated and would not be an issue since the mechanism closes with heat. An engineer and been sent out twice to confirm this and had explained the process. However, there remained problems with the amount of polystyrene spread during the replacement of cladding at Gilton House which needed to be reviewed.

Despite previous assurances that this was safe, following Grenfell Fire, large amounts of further expenditure had been required to ensure safety. An explanation for the reason for this was required. In addition, it had been very cold for residents who had to increase their heating during these works.


Peter Daw referred to the Building Research establishment’s assessment and the implications of it in relation to this issue.


Sarah Spicer confirmed that Craig Cook had recently met with the contractors within the last two weeks and that the remaining polystyrene would now be removed. There would be changes in future to reduce the amount of rubbish and mess on site.

Action: Sarah Spicer to note and make sure lessons learnt as required

Fire Marshals and Fire Doors – Sarah Spicer advised that, since Alison Napper had been out of the office recently, she had been unable to pursue this matter. However, an update would be brought to the next meeting. Action: Sarah Spicer/Alison Napper


Item Number 22 – HRA Budget


Damp and Mould – It was noted that, following a recent e-mail from Democratic Services, this item had been withdrawn but would be submitted to the next meeting. Action: Craig Cook/Laura Pilkington


Item Number 23 – Home Choice Allocations Review


It was noted that there would be a Cost of Living Special in a forthcoming edition of Housing News addressing this issue. Sarah Spicer indicated that she would also check to see if anything more detailed could be provided in there to help with people requiring to provide identification. Action: Sarah Spicer


Phillip Morris pointed out that Bristol City Council tenants could be fined for a failure to register on the electoral roll and that, since the Central Government grant that BCC received was based on the electoral roll, BCC was potentially losing a lot of money by not pursuing this. Peter Daw pointed out that there was a growing number of people who were not registered on the electoral roll. Council tenants could be disenfranchised from voting since they needed to provide ID to enable this.








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