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Community Resources Manager Update and Decision


The Community Resources Manager introduced the item and noted that there was one item to be approved at the meeting which was discussed as follows:


Bloy Street Renovation Project

At the Committee meeting in December 2022, there was some uncertainty around the proposals for the Bloy Street Renovation project and Members were unclear on the costings. There  was a requirement for the Transport team to carry out work on the public highway, but had not been  accurately reflected in the costs. Following this, residents were asked to review their proposals and resubmit.


The team had meet with residents and the relevant officers to discuss the proposals and established that the budget would have to increase to £37k in order to complete the project. This was mainly due to a revised costing for bike shelters which were originally priced at £3k but would in fact cost £15k.


It was confirmed that the additional funding would need to come from last year’s CIL funds and the breakdown would be a total of £20k allocated to the BCC Transport Department and the remaining £17k allocated to the Eastside Community Trust . Members discussed the updated proposal and agreed that the Committee was supportive of the project. It was unfortunate that it would now cost more than initially anticipated but the Committee would still like to go ahead with the proposals.


Resolved; That the Committee approve the funding for the re-presented Proposal on the Bloy Street Renovation project, with new costings which reflect their new delivery plans negotiated with BCC Transport.


Proposal ref no. 

Name of Project Proposal  

Outline £ offered 

Full Proposal

£ requested

CIL approved



Regeneration of Bloy Street Square






(Cllr Pearce left the meeting at this point - 18:45)


It was noted that no further funding decisions were required but there were other items for Committee Members to discuss.


The Community Resources Manager introduced Harry Simpson, who had joined the meeting as a representative from a the Old Marker Neighbourhood Development Plan Forum, a community group who support the Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014-2026. Discussion points were as follows:


·       Harry raised the concerns around the Temple Way underpass which he thought acted as a barrier to the local community and businesses. The underpass is a main cycle network for people accessing the City Centre from the east of the city and was used regularly by pedestrians, but the route feels very unsafe. It’s dark, secluded and there are often reports of antisocial behaviour.

·       It was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan was a previously approved initiative to improve the local area which was allocated £300k but this funding was still unspent. The community were told that there would be a project to improve the underpass, but this was quite some time ago and they hadn’t seen any plans to date.

·       It was noted that the structure of the underpass could not be altered but the local community would like to see improvements such as better lighting, mirrors at each end and CCTV. Also, better drainage as the underpass regularly floods.

·       Members noted the pressures on resources in the Council’s Transport and Highways department.

·       Harry advised that there were around 10 local traders and residents that are part of the community group and that more community representatives will be attending the next Committee meeting in October.

·       The group are trying to engage with residents by handing out flyers and encouraging people to email them.

·       Members suggested that they could approach organisations in the Temple Quarter area as lots are keen to support social projects.

·       Community Resources Manager to pass on the group’s contact details to the Community Development Colleagues. Action KH.

The Community Resources Manager briefly introduced the parks update noted that progress on projects was outlined in the report. Discussion points were as follows:


·       It was noted that more money had been requested on the St Peter’s Church and Castle Park projects and that work was ongoing. There had been a survey completed for lighting at the  Church and the surrounding area but there had been delays as the street lighting team are in the process of upgrading the street lighting across Bristol.

·       It was noted that the Crews Hole car park works didn’t initially have contingency. These may now need addition funds to deliver, as noted in the report.  This was for the installation of a wooden fence instead of metal which needed to be done as soon as possible.

·       It was noted that Owens Square had been granted additional  funding but that hadn’t included a contingency and costs have risen. This may need some further funding to deliver.

·       Members noted that there were some items requiring approval from the Committee that could have been listed as for decision and suggested they be part of the formal meeting in October 2023

·       It was noted that Parks colleagues had provided an update on the gaps in the outstanding projects, but it was difficult to establish exact costings as Transport were not yet in a position to predict. An update on this would be provided at the Committee meeting in October when they have a new contract which would inform the Committee decisions in early 2024.

·       Members noted that consideration needs to be given to the delays in the Transport department when approving future projects.

·       It was noted that the deadline for bids was Friday 26th May.


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