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Annual Education Performance reports

To receive the report and presentation (all Key Stages) – Paul Jacobs (Service Director for Education & Skills)  



The report was presented by Paul Jacobs, Service Director for Education and Skills.  An overview was provided on the headlines in the performance report in the circulated pack.


National Education Policy Update

·         Education and Adoption Act

Action (PJ): coasting schools update to be delivered to local Cllrs on request.

·         Education Excellence Everywhere

·         Less emphasis on the academics from the new government / education secretary

·         Schools that work for everyone

·         National Funding Formula reform: Jan 30th, Member Briefing from 4pm with Cllr Hiscott.

The huge journey of improvement for Bristol with OFSTED headlines was noted. Bristol was top 20 of all local authority areas nationally. It was also acknowledged that there were challenges ahead with changing nature of assessment and curriculum and that all concerned will need to work hard to continue this attainment.


The following remarks were received:


Q8. Cllr Jos Clark – Felt it was hard to understand data from a parental viewpoint. It was flagged that there will be issues going forward with changing grades.


Q9. Cllr Anna Keen – Wanted to ensure children in care were kept in mind in the data, although a relatively small group performance figures needed to keep them in mind.


9.2 It was also felt that sharing good practice was not happening enough across Bristol and that the committee had a role to facilitate inter-academy networks.


Action:  Councillors requested further information on how BCC are encouraging good practice across academies and the Local Authority.  


A9.2 PJ confirmed that the learning and education group was seeing more data sharing and challenges from education leadership. Through Learning City there was encouragement to share resource and get good schools to lead on projects.


Q10.  Cllr Ruth Pickersgill –Bristol Met were congratulated for now being in line with other good schools. The Progress 8 criticism from UOB research was raised for the committee’s awareness. It was also requested if future performance reports could include retention data and data on post 16 and PJ confirmed there will be another version of the report at a later date with this data.


Q11. Cllr Mark Brain – Appreciated that officers were trying to bring together a fragmented academy system to ensure co-operation. The overarching impression of the figures was that every inequality was alive in the report and therefore will be in the future when the kids develop into adults and take disadvantages move with them. 


Paul Jacobs welcomed individual questions or a separate session if there were lots as he appreciated there was a large amount of data in the report.


Q12. Cllr Gill Kirk –Welcomed the attainment and improvement in early years it was requested if on this set of data could be monitored to ensure it is maintained, especially in light of the imminent cuts to funding.


Q13. Keeping resource available for HOPE virtual school was considered vital enable them to continue their good work. With the loss of SEN funding mitigation for a section of children a high level of need was discussed.


Action - An update on Children’s Centre’s would be added to the Scrutiny work programme.


Q14. Cllr Brenda Massey confirmed a letter had been written to the Mayor to request protection of HOPE funding.


Q15. It was confirmed that fewer pupils were leaving Bristol for their education, 10% down from 20/30%, but it was acknowledged whilst this was a good problem to have it brought other problems.

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