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Risk Register


John Readman, People Directorate Strategic Director introduced the Directorate Risk register report.  It was beneficial for the Commission to receive the report at the same meeting as the Performance Report (previous agenda item).   As part of the introduction the following was noted:


·         All Council staff managed risk on daily basis. When creating the registers Officers scored risks, considered mitigations then rescored.  Some risks remained critical even if they were unlikely due to the possible impact, e.g. Safe guarding. 


·         The People Directorate had overspent, specifically in Adult Health and Social Care due to increasing service demand and changing legislative requirements in Local Authority Services.  Since the 17/18 budget had been approved work will continue to manage the budget and although there were still challenges Officers were more confident that the budget could be managed.  The additional national budget investment would assist.


·         Consultations on budget saving continued but were still in the early stages.  Briefings had been provided for Councillors to ensure their input was captured as part of the consultation process.  The commission would be updated in June. 


Councillors were invited to ask questions and the following was noted as part of the discussion:


Risk description - Failure to meet corporate responsibilities to protect children in need and inadequate support to Children in Care and Care Leavers

·         Officers referred to the Eileen Munro report which stated that the Local Authority would not be able to eradicate risk completely as it cannot be predicted.   Professionals working in Bristol were trained to identify children at risk and BCC had the correct provisions in place.  Councillors suggested the risk should remain as critical and Officers agreed to reconsider the rating.  (Action – People Directorate Leadership team). 


Risk description - Failure to deliver the Medium Term Financial Plan and deliver savings included in the financial plan in the context of rising demand and reducing resources

·         Central government had allocated £8.7million additional funding to Local Authorities, similar to Better Care Funding. 


·         Health colleagues would like the funded routed through health but the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has confirmed the funding be allocated directly to Health and Social Care.  Officers were expecting guidance from central government in April.  In addition to assisting with the current financial pressures the money should also be used to plan for future change work.  The funding would reduce in 2018/19 and 2019/20. 

·         Councillor Pickersgill requested that future risk register provide more detailed information on actions required.  Officers could theme areas to assist understanding for Scrutiny members.  (Action – People Directorate Leadership team)


Risk Description: The Directorate fails to ensure adequate safeguarding measures are in place resulting in harm or death to a vulnerable adult or child

·         John Readman confirmed that the risk register presented to the People Commission related to safeguarding across the whole directorate.  Risk assessments presented to the Audit Committee would focus on different areas and outcomes could therefore be different.   Councillors referred specifically to the Disclosure and Barring Service check and Officers would provide further information to ensure clarity. (Action – John Readman).


·         All Bristol City Council staff working in the social care services (both adult and children and young people) had the required DBS checks and training. 


·         The Children and Adult safeguarding board had the oversight responsibility for ensuring that professionals across Bristol had the required training and checks and that all part of the system was safe. 


·         BCC services across the Council were commissioned by the Commissioning Section which brought all the expertise together and used on commissioning framework.  The service was in the remit of the People Directorate and Netta Meadows was the Service Director.  Adult Social Care was the largest area of commissioned services.  Councillor Cheney was the Cabinet Member for Finance, Governance and Performance and would have responsibility for commissioning overall.  Each individual Cabinet Member would have oversight of commissioning within their portfolio.


Resolved – that the report be noted.  


The Commission had a ten minutes comfort break.



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