Committee details

Full Council

Purpose of committee

Full Council comprises of the Mayor together with 70 Councillors, each of whom is elected for a 4 year term and who represent the 34 wards of the City. The overriding duty of Councillors is to the whole community but they have a special responsibility to the constituents of their ward.


All Councillors and the Mayor meet together as the Full Council. These meetings are open to the public and the press and are also broadcast live on the Council’s YouTube page.


The Full Council sets the broad Policy and Budget Framework within which the Council including the Mayor and their Executive operates. The Full Council is chaired by the Lord Mayor of Bristol. This role is a ceremonial and civic one. The Lord Mayor is a councillor and is chosen and appointed for a one year term by the Full Council at its annual Council meeting in May.


Apart from the Annual and Budget Council meetings, there is a one hour ‘Member Forum’ before each Council meeting for Councillors to ask questions of the Elected Mayor.  This session is also open for the public to observe and is webcast.


Contact information

Support officer: Oliver Harrison.