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Committee details

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel

Purpose of committee


  • Bryony Ball   
  • Andy Sharman   
  • Joseph Mullis   
  • Councillor Roz Willis   
  • Councillor Martin Wale   
  • Councillor Heather Goddard   
  • Councillor Mike Drew   
  • Councillor Nigel Ashton   
  • Councillor Cherry Beath   
  • Councillor Mark Shelford   
  • Councillor Ann Bown   
  • Councillor Stuart Dowding   
  • Councillor Neil Bloomfield   
  • Councillor John Parham   
  • Councillor Jane Warmington   
  • Councillor Mark Weston   

Contact information

Support officer: Patricia Jones, Senior Community Governance Advisor. Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel

Phone: 01275 885788 / 07855284506


Web site: