Issue - decisions

Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Programme

03/11/2020 - Climate and Ecological Emergency Programme


  1. Noted the successful progress made in the implementation of the Mayor’s Climate Emergency Action Plan (July 2019).
  2. Noted that the council and partners have developed 2 key new One City strategies this year:
    1. One City Climate Strategy (February 2020)
    2. One City Ecological Strategy (September 2020)
  3. Approved the Climate and Ecological Emergency Programme as Bristol City Council’s initial response to these strategies.
  4. Approved the adoption of the ‘Managing the development of houses in multiple occupation’ Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).
  5. Authorised the Executive Director Growth and Regeneration to take all steps required to adopt the SPD including all procedures required under Part 5 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012.