Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
International Strategy Refresh 202216/08/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Transforming Cities Funding08/08/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care System: Integrated Care Board Constitution and Integrated Care Partnership Terms of Reference08/08/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Sexual Health Services Contract Extension to March 202508/08/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Family Hub and Start for Life Programme13/06/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Education Capital Update and Capital Investment Decision13/06/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Cultural Investment Programme – Openness and Imagination funding13/06/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Bristol Housing Allocations Review13/06/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Temple Quarter Grant Funding Arrangements13/06/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
A37/A4018 Bus Deal Route 2 Project (Full Business Case)13/06/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
A37/A4018 Bus Deal Route 2 Project (Outline Business Case)13/06/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
We are Bristol History Commission – Next Steps09/05/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Financial Update Report - April 202309/05/2022For Determination04/04/2023
Financial Update Report - March 202309/05/2022For Determination07/03/2023
Financial Update Report - February 202309/05/2022For Determination07/02/2023
Dedicated Schools Grant budget proposals 2023/2409/05/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Budget report & Treasury Management Strategy 2023/2409/05/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Financial Update Report - January 202309/05/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Financial Update Report - December 202209/05/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Collection Fund Surplus/Deficit report09/05/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Council Tax Base09/05/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Financial Update Report - November 202209/05/2022For Determination01/11/2022
Financial Update Report - October 202209/05/2022For Determination04/10/2022
Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Strategy09/05/2022For Determination04/10/2022
Financial Update Report - September 202209/05/2022For Determination06/09/2022
Bristol Avon Flood Strategy Funding Strategy09/05/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood Pilot Outline Business Case11/04/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Future of Youth Services11/04/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget Proposals 2023/2411/04/2022For Determination17/01/2023
Response to Ash Dieback disease10/01/2022For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Gypsy, Travellers and Showpeople permanent sites15/11/2021For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Youth Zones - Full Business Case04/10/2021For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Whitehouse Street Regeneration Framework04/10/2021For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023
Consultation and Engagement Strategy 2022-2404/10/2021For DeterminationBefore 04/04/2023