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Make the statue of Jen Reid a permanent fixture

We the undersigned This petition calls for the Marc Quin statue of Jen Reid to eerect and make the statue of Jen Reid a permanent fixture in Bristol. The statue is a symbol of camaraderie and a push for equality and diversity. More important than this, it will act as a reminder that black and minority communities still struggle to this day. While I agree that a display of Bristol's role in the slave trade would be adequate, this isn't about the past. This statue is about our future. The statue represents all the young BAME people of Bristol and the world hoping, fighting and longing for a better, more equal world. Let this statue be that reminder. Let it allow people to remember that racism didn't end with slavery. Let it allow to start conversations. Let it allow to portray a positive time in black history and world history, a time of revolution and change, not a time of suppression death and abuse. I hope you consider what I have written. Thank you.

There is nothing more I need to add other than perhaps a run down of events for those who are not aware of the statue of Edward Colston being removed and the new statue being put up.
Statue being torn down:

Statue being pulled out of the river:

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Started by: Sam Schoettner

This ePetition ran from 16/07/2020 to 22/07/2020 and has now finished.

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