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Contribute to the funding of a new Skatepark in Victoria Park for the young people of Bristol

We the undersigned request that Bristol City Council contribute AT LEAST the same amount of funding that was used to skate stop the city centre plaza towards the new skatepark at Victoria Park Bristol.

In June 2021 Bristol City Council spent money on skate stopping the plaza area of Bristol city centre. This has seriously impacted on the young people of Bristol who have used the space up until now. If the council have the funding to prevent skaters from using the centre of their home town, they should find the money to help build a proper skatepark that the city desperately needs. Funding is being raised for Victoria Park skatepark in South Bristol but they need more funding. We think BCC should contribute at least the amount they spent on skate stopping the centre from the council budget, towards this new skatepark for the local young people.

Started by: Solomon Polllet

This ePetition runs from 21/06/2021 to 02/08/2021.

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