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Keep Kingsdown Sports Centre open

We the undersigned call on Mayor Marvin Rees and the Cabinet of Bristol City Council to reverse their proposal to close the Kingsdown Sports Centre on Portland Street in Kingsdown, Bristol.

If the Kingsdown Sports Centre is closed:

There will be no alternative sports provision for the local community within reasonable travelling distance of Kingsdown/Cotham

The only alternative provision at the University of Bristol - some distance away - is numbers' limited, exclusive and more expensive

No accessible sports facilities will be available for local teenagers and children

No theraputic/support facilities will be available for local disabled people

A number of clubs, for example those promoting badminton, may cease to function

The health of the UK, already with a high level of unfit and obese population, will deteriorate further and with high levels of associated cost

Not only did Bristol City Council (BCC) previously commit to the provision of a Sports Centre but it had proposed the inclusion of a swimming pool 

Following on from a long period of enforced closure and limited use would appear to be a poor time to make judgements on the financial health of the Centre and decisions about its longer term future

Following on from closure, it will prove very tempting for BCC to allow the site to be used for the development of more student flats - the common view locally is that this is already having an adverse affect on this residential area 

Started by: Graham Syrett

This ePetition runs from 27/09/2021 to 08/11/2021.

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