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Abandon Liveable Neighbourhoods

We the undersigned call on Bristol City Council to abandon the planning and implementation of Liveable Neighbourhoods in Bristol.

We feel the East Bristol scheme is divisive (pitting neighbours against each other), discriminatory (affecting the poorest and most vulnerable the most), undemocratic (the consultation was inadequate and nobody, except a vocal minority of residents, wants the scheme to happen) and dangerous (hindering emergency and other essential services).

We accept there are two roads within the area with obvious traffic issues (Mildred St & Beaufort Rd) but these can be addressed via normal traffic management methods rather than creating a separate zone within Bristol.

Bristol already has good walking / cycling provision and even calls itself a “cycling city”.

We feel Low Traffic / Liveable Neighbourhood schemes will cause increased congestion & pollution on the boundary roads which, in turn, will reduce safety.

We feel businesses will suffer from a drastic loss in passing trade, as well as difficulties in receiving deliveries, leading to closures as has been seen elsewhere in the country.

We notice Central Government has washed its hands of these schemes, no longer funding them, and recommending councils remove them where they are unpopular.

This petition calls for
1. The immediate halt to Liveable Neighbourhood schemes in Bristol.
2. An immediate review of the consultation process.
3. A full, fit and proper, citywide consultation of any future plans to restrict the mobility of Bristol’s residents and visitors.

Started by: Chris Johnson (Keep Bristol Moving)

This ePetition runs from 29/08/2023 to 29/08/2024.

396 people have signed this ePetition.