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Ring road bus Longwell green - Brislington

We the undersigned Create a bus service that runs on ring road from broadmead via bristlington and the ring road to longwell green

Most of the areas in Bristol have good connective transport except linking the South to the east. Getting a bus from South Bristol to longwell green can take over 2 hours on two buses despite areas such as brislington and longwell green being a short distance with the use or the ring road. Bus services in this area are known to be popular especially with students on the x39 and 36, and the small number of buses that do go to longwell green such as the 45, therefore is most likely to be profitable adding this service on the ring road. If the x39, UWE express, and Weston services can use motorways and dual carriageways why can there not be a public transport link on the road intended to link the South and East?

Started by: Matthew Osborne

This ePetition ran from 22/06/2018 to 06/12/2018 and has now finished.

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