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Compulsory Purchase Order for Hamilton House

We the undersigned call upon Bristol City Council to step in and protect Hamilton House as a community asset by purchasing the building.

By doing this, Bristol City Council has the opportunity to become a world leader in supporting community to become vibrant, thriving and self-sustaining, in-line with its own ‘Development Framework Core Strategy’ (see below).

Despite the building being put up for sale in 2016, the building owners Connolly & Callaghan (C&) have not entertained any bids to buy Hamilton House. Our request is for Bristol City Council to secure a purchase of Hamilton House, either through direct purchase from C&C or, should this not be successful, through a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

With ownership secured, our proposal would then be for a subsequent Community Share Issue (CSI) which would enable direct community ownership, allowing profits to be reinvested back into the project and other community initiatives. With cuts to government funding and grants, this self-sustaining model enables the resources of the community to fill a widening gap in the third sector. The scale of the community has been proven to have sufficient resources to sustain this model and community ownership empowers local people to own a stake in their own future. This model has been proven to create financially and socially self-sustaining community ventures.

We believe that Coexist are best placed to facilitate this Community Share Issue having been guardians of the building for the previous 10 years. Coexist is a critically acclaimed social impact generator whose work has been studied as far afield as South Korea, Sweden and Canada. Reaching over 2.5 million people a year and collectively generating £21 million annually for the local economy, it is a flagship project for change in the City of Bristol.

By issuing a Compulsory Purchase Order for Hamilton House, Bristol City Council now has the chance to join other councils worldwide that are pioneering socially-led income generation while protecting important community spaces. This step will make Bristol truly unique in the UK - creating a living example of sustainable social investment in our cities.


Coexist Bid to buy Hamilton House (May 2017)

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Section 16: for community assets (at the request of the community or a local body), where: “Local authorities should consider all requests from third parties, but particularly voluntary and community organisations…” [216]

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Employment Land (Policy BCS8)
The economic performance of the city will be strengthened by

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