Agenda and draft minutes

Area Committee 4 - Thursday, 13th September, 2018 5.30 pm

Venue: City Hall, College green, Bristol BS1 5TR

Contact: Oliver Harrison  0117 35 26162

No. Item


Election of Chair

Recommendation that the Area Committee formally elects its Chairperson for the Committee


Cllr Ruth Pickersgill was elected as Chair


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from:

Cllr Shah

Cllr Hickman

Cllr Pearce

Cllr Johnson


Chair confirmed that the meeting was still quorate.


Terms of Reference

Recommendation that the Area Committee formally adopts the Terms of Reference


It was RESOLVED that the Terms of Reference be formally adopted.


It was noted that the ToR had already been through full council and each area committee operates under the same principles.



Declarations of Interest


Cllr English declared an interest in St Werburghs City Farm


Cllr Breckels declared an interest as a member of Friends of Trooper’s Hill, but that he was not involved directly in their bid


Cllr Craig declared an interest in the Café with toilet scheme in St George’s Park


Members made the general point that several of them had an interest in projects in their ward (as is natural for Ward Councillors) but had no formal position in those projects



Public Forum Statements

Members of the public may make a written statement. Please submit it to or Democratic Services Section, City Hall,

College Green, Bristol BS1 5UY. The following requirement applies:


·       The statement is received no later than 12.00 noon on the working day before the meeting and is about a matter which is the responsibility of the committee concerned.


Russ Leith re: Castle Park Security NOTED


Lucille Leith re: Castle Park Security NOTED


Erica Norris re: Castle Park Security, Castle Park Playground, Fairfax and Union Street speeding NOTED


Mark Ashdown re: Tree Planting. Mr Ashdown provided a commentary on his statement, requesting funding be allocated to planting trees in 22 sites across the AC4 area.



Reports on Proposed Decisions for Councillors pdf icon PDF 472 KB

Additional documents:


There was discussion about Redcliffe Hill underpass and debate over whether it would qualify for CIL funding requirements. Legal advice being used by transport officers is that it would not qualify, but this was disputed by some members. The advice was not made available to Councillors and there were no transport officers available at the meeting.


Some members were concerned that this a priority identified by residents at a public meeting and  therefore it was not appropriate the project was not being developed as a Stage 2 Proposal for the Area Committee by Transport because it was not on their ‘offer list’ to ACs. Some members felt the advice on eligibility was vague and incorrect e.g. that CIL couldn’t be used to fund gating of the underpass.


As the committee cannot agree a proposal without a report, an additional meeting was requested with an appropriate report from transport colleagues.                                                            Action: Keith H


Members also asked that the legal advice provided to Transport officers about CIL eligibility should be made available to AC4 councillors


Members were asked to note ongoing projects then approve each proposal in turn.






KH noted that there was more funding available than in May and all proposals could be approved within the current envelope. For each proposal, the committee was asked to choose whether to use s.106 or CIL.


A question was asked about the Old Market planning area, which is included within Area Committee 4. Money from Old Market has to be spent there, but the rules are not clear. A meeting in May sketched out the limit of the CIL, with 2 pots generated by OMPA. Funds were not committed then, but the Chair has confirmed it was able to be spent. OMPA has generated £90k, which is currently unallocated.


ACTION KH to ask officers to flag in reports when OMPA funding is available or appropriate and to explore how to work with the Old Market Neighbourhood Planning Forum around their CIL  funding for future AC decision making .


ITEM 1 St Pauls Adventure Playground Bakery and Teaching Kitchen

Members noted that landowner permission for the development was pending for this project. This is due to BCC retaining ownership of the building and needing to give permission as landlord. The CAT process for transfer to the lease to APE should also be finalised.


£100,000 of CIL funding:

AGREED subject to landlord permission (Bristol City Council) 


ITEM 2 Scrapstore Accessible Access Routes

£29,764 of CIL funding:



ITEM 3 St Werburgh’s City Farm Infrastructure Investment

Questions were raised on whether staffing and management costs of this project were eligible under CIL. Propagation place may not qualify. St Werburgh’s City Farm indicated that replacement of groundwork and the repair of the roof on the community building could be substituted for the staffing costs proposed in the Stage 2 Proposal, which would be eligible for CIL. At some point within a capital project there may be revenue costs.

AGREED –  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.